Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sad day. Got a text message from my mom this morning telling me that our oldest cat, Tar, was killed by dogs last night. He was 13 years old. He didn't take nothin' from nobody so it's probably not a complete shock that a fight was what did him in but still... it's very sad. He actually survived so many fights that it was hard to believe he was even capable of dying. I think I imagined that he would die of old age in his 20's. I never really thought he'd ever lose a fight. Not Tar. He was too tough.

He was the first cat our family had since we were babies. He taught us kids how to be cat owners. We used to do a lot of crazy things to that poor guy! For a while we'd bathe him... we even bought a cat harness and leash! The baths lasted longer than the harness. He used to follow us as we'd walk to elementary school in the mornings. He used to drink out of my beta's fish bowl (but never tried to get the fish). When I'd take a bath he'd come sit on the edge of the tub and I'd turn on the faucet a little and he'd sit there on the edge and drink from the faucet.

He was a really good cat. I'll really, really miss him.


  1. Sorry about your cat. It is always hard to lose a pet, especially one you had for so long.

  2. I'm so sorry, hon. All your cats were the sweetest things ever! Jersey died not too long empty without least he knew he was LOVED. Tar was a good kitty...