Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pretty pretty jewelry

Oh boy, I love etsy so much! If I was a rich lady I would shop for all my jewelry on etsy only. I love how talented people are!

You should definitely treat yourself to one of these (or treat me for that matter! I won't mind):

Sterling Silver Addie Earrings by thepebblecollection. $20 (pretty affordable!).

Cultured pearl Edythe Ring by thepebblecollection. $21. She makes it to your ring size too. This would be a neat non-traditional engagement ring.

Sterling silver and grey quartz Edythe Ring by thepebbledcollection. $21. Also custom sized.Lillians Treasures Sunlight Necklace by twochickstoo. $33. I like necklaces with charms.

Sterling silver Gummy Bear Necklace by livewire. $56. Cast from a mini gummy bear!

OK I saved the best for last. These handmade rings are titanium bands with a stone tension set into between the two ends. I love almost all of ShadeJewelry's rings in this series but these are my favorites:

Titanium Super Shiny Band Tension Set 1/2 Carat Blue Diamond Ring. I think the color of the blue diamond (conflict-free) is GORGEOUS! He makes these rings in whatever size you want. Get ready for the price tag... deep breath... $1,500. Now, I know this is totally worth it and is in fact a lot cheaper than most engagement rings (not mine though), but still... this is definitely out of my reach!

IF I won a million dollars I'd have a hard time deciding between the ring above and the one below. The one below is a saphire which is what my engagement ring is. I'm a sucker for saphires (something about the deep blue color pulls me in) so I might just go with the one below.

Titanium Tension Set Twist of Fate Band 1/2 Carat Round Blue Sapphire Ring. Isn't that saphire BEAUTIFUL??? I could just stare at it for hours. I think something about that color hypnotizes me a little. This one is closer to my price range (ha!) at $750... not gonna happen in this lifetime. :-/


  1. Man, those earrings are pretty. They are modern but stylish. We should get a pair ;)

  2. I love Etsy, especially that pearl ring!