Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sex on Fire

Sex on Fire - Sugarland from Sugarland Music on Vimeo.

Sugarland's cover of Sex on Fire.

I'd kill to go to one of their concerts... kill. I guess I'll have to settle with their live CD for now.

Links: Things to Make

Cascading Flowers Jacket at the SCOOP: a DIY version of J. Crew's Astrid jacket that looks INCREDIBLE (also see this link and this link)

Tea Light Shelf How To at Mighty Girl (oh I love tea lights so much)

Product Photography at Making It Lovely: One of the easiest tabletop product photography set ups I've ever seen. I've built a few that have turned out pretty shoddy. I might try this.

DIY Project: Kate's Grocery Planner at Design*Sponge: I made my own one of these a few years ago that's worked out pretty well, but I like some of the ideas she introduces here (like the weekly menu planner). I might re-vamp mine.

Nesting: Terrariums at Mighty Girl: My plants are always three steps from Death's door because I forget to water them. I hope I could take care of something like this.